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Southern Company Deputy GC Joins Taylor English

On August 25, 2021, in an article published by Law360, Earl Parsons discusses his addition to Taylor English, where he joins t|e General Counsel, as well as Taylor English Decisions. 

Parsons, a longtime in-house attorney at Southern Company, told Law360 that after retiring from Southern in 2017 at age 54, the isolation of the pandemic made him realize he wanted to go back to work and that Taylor English appealed to him for its culture, its vision for the future and the innovative model of its General Counsel group.

"I was uncertain... whether I wanted to be a lawyer or a businessperson, but I've been lucky enough in my career to be both. The unique thing about Taylor English is that I'll be able to take that experience and use that in a law firm environment, and a law firm environment that is not your traditional model," said Parsons.

I'm excited to be here," he said. "The model that they have is a lot different than what you see at your standard AmLaw 200 firm. … I like the fact that this is a hybrid model.