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What I Learned about Death from Jesse Itzler

I never would have thought that sitting and listening to Jesse Itzler talk would have got me thinking about estate planning.

It is not a hot topic for most people and something many people do not want to talk about, yet Jesse brought it up in a way only he could and it got me reflect on just how important it is and the fact many of us do not take the time to have a plan.

This is a rhetorical question - Do you have a plan for your assets and possessions when you are no longer gracing us with your presence?

As #entreprenuers, #businessowners and #professionals we work hard to create assets, enterprise value and success.

Do you care about your legacy?

Do you care about the tax implications?

Do you care about explaining what to do to your beneficiaries?

Or are you planning to leave it all up to chance when you are no longer here?

Just asking for a friend . . .


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