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Success is Not Always Fun

Success is not defined by how fun it is. Rather, success at whatever you do in life comes down to an individual, team, company or even a nation's ability to do something on a regular basis better than the next. 

Whether you want to be a great attorney, basketball player, parent, spouse, technology company or xylophone player, the real question is are you willing to do something or a set of things over and over again until you can perform it as if it is your identity? As if you can do it without thinking about it? And, most importantly be willing to do it long after everyone has quit, you are good at it and know you know how to do it? 

One of the biggest issues I see is that someone has talent and they rest on their talent as opposed to continuing to focus on the fundamentals. They lose sight of the habits and behaviors necessary to have success at the next level. 

So next time you are wondering how to achieve success, remember, it starts with doing the same thing over and over again better than your competition for 100 hours in one year. That's right, about 18 minutes a day!


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