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Theft Prevention: Information Security When Employees Leave

In Mitzi Hill’s article, “Theft Prevention: information security when employees leave,” she stresses the importance of HR, IT and Management/Executive teams collaborating to ensure their most private information is safe. Ms. Hill explains that fortifying your business’s onboarding and exit procedures is the key to protecting your business’s bottom line. In the article, Ms. Hills provides key suggestions when planning to protect company information which includes:

Helpful policies and agreements

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Computer usage/acceptable use policy
  3. Personal information protection
  4. BYOD
  5. Assignment of intellectual property/work made for hire agreement
  6. Information retention

Connecting policies to employment milestones

  1. Onboarding
  2. At separation

The article was published as part of the Loss Prevention Insights network.
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Many articles focus on nuts and bolts of security in IT, but this article discusses an element of planning and security that is not commonly part of an IT-driven strategy: Making sure departing employees do not take sensitive information with them when they leave.


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