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Employment in an Alternative Universe: The Workplace Post-Covid and Emerging Issues

On February 10, 2022, Gail Holtzman joined other industry leaders for a panel discussion on, "Employment in an Alternative Universe: The Workplace Post-Covid and Emerging Issues," at the 2022 Employment Law Forum in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

The session focused on emerging employment issues post-COVID including:

  • Rights and responsibilities regarding safety protocols, including vaccinations, wearing masks, social distancing, use of office facilities
  • ADA/religious exemptions, the role of telecommuting as an accommodation, employment policies and training post-COVID
  • Challenges to safety conditions under the NLRA
  • OSHA requirements/whistleblower claims
  • The use of Zoom post-COVID: the future of remote depositions, mediations; arbitrations, and trials
  • The impact of COVID on women and minorities in the workplace
  • Implications for remote work: jurisdictional and tax implications
  • State laws limiting COVID-related liability for employers
  • Conflicting federal/state requirements


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